Planting for the future


They screen pollutants out of the air, they easily adapt to urban environment, tolerate stress be it drought, frost, salt, high water, compacted soil – they grow vigorously and they are beautiful : elms are perfect trees for cities.

resista® elms are reliable highly resistant varieties, carefully selected after at least ten years of private and then three years of official testing out of many hundreds of crossings. They are best suited for the European market and available through authorized partner nurseries.



Reliable Quality

Since more than 50 years in North America and since more than 35 years in Europe on thousands of planting sites the resista® elms have proven their outstanding quality. Of the variety ‘New Horizon’ alone more than 45.000 trees have been planted in over 15 european countries.

Proven Resistance

Resistance against the so-called Dutch Elm Disease (Ophiostoma ulmi and novo-ulmi) of the resista® elms is regularly re-tested by inocculations with virulent spores.

Tolerant to city environment

resista® elms are well prepared for difficult city environments for the future. They tolerate compact soils, dry and contaminated air and salt.


resista® elms are resistant to wind and frost, they tolerate extremely high and low temperatures alike, they tolerate inundations for weeks, even if sea water.

Good Neigbours

As with all indigenous elms their leaves compose readily. They develop few inconspicuous seeds and fruits. And there is no honey dew. On the other side they produce a lot of fresh air.

Cope with problems

They outgrow injuries by car accidents and tolerate heavy pruning as well as roots cut away underground.

Guaranteed Genuine

All varieties offered ‘New Horizon’, ‘Rebona’, ‘Rebella’ as well as ‘Fiorente’ have their own root, and this is guaranteed by an implanted electronic transponder. Your supplier has a certificate of authenticity.

resista – the original


To have a trade mark for our different resistant elm varieties we created resista® and had it registered internationally.

In combination with implanting an electronic transponder into each tree you are absolutely safe.

Each variety after official testing is inscribed into the European Catalogue of Varieties and so protected for 30 years.

resista® elms are produced exclusively by selected partner nurseries which care for them until their circumference is minimum 14-16 cm.

resista® is a registered trademark of