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ULMUS ’New Horizon’ is a hybrid of ULMUS japonica x ULMUS pumila bred by Prof. Smalley and Prof. Guries, Madison University, Wisconsin / USA.

’New Horizon’ is a fast-growing tree of medium height, the crown is dense, oval to conic. The trunk thickens fast; the dense growing, healthy leaves create a highly aesthetic appearance. The bark is light colored brown, sometimes reddish; the bark is smooth until the tree is about five years old, then cracked.

This variety is perfect suited as street-tree in cities and along roads by its compact growth and its tolerance to different light profiles; excellent tolerance to locations with varying conditions of soil; resistant to wind, frost. As soon as they have adapted to the surrounding after two years, they show an astonishing tolerance to drought. They like soils of pH 5.0 to 7.0, most any soil types and tolerate flooding for some weeks.


Very high resistance to Dutch Elm Disease (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi), regularly tested since 1979 by own and official tests; highly tolerant versus Verticillium; very tolerant to frost, wind and salt.

Protected by plant breeder’s rights in the E.U. since 17.5.1999.

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